Camera-based infeed control miho Multicon 4

Camera-based infeed control before the empty bottle inspector. For detecting and sorting glass and PET bottles according to shape, colour and size differences, as well as for the detection of lying bottles or bottle breakages. Secondary bottle features, such as scuffing, ACL, or embossing furthermore to identify and sort bottles. Test bottle evalution prior to more concrete commitments.

Rejection is carried out by the pneumatic driven reject system miho HSP. The construction is made of stainless steel, is easily accessible and easy to maintain. A closed optical system and protective covers that can be opened without the use of tools, make it easy to clean the protective glass plates.

Accessories & modifications

Software package for the production data acquisition software miho AWeS. All production data, counters and test bottle protocol are logged according to the Weihenstephan standard. For all miho systems based on the miho VIDIOS® or miho MASTER® platform.

Software package for the remote visualization of the operating condition, the parameter and the camera images on an authorized computer. Monitoring of e.g. counters and malfunctions. Monitoring and remote control of the inspection machine by a miho service engineer, re-entry and optimization of the inspection parameters, exact and fast analysis of errors.

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