Guidelines for the Conveyor System for the Empty Bottle Inspection Machine miho David

The following points should be noted in relation to the reject table and the conveyor system:

Mechanical Components:

1. Use chains with no gaps so that there are no plastic bridges between the conveyor chains.
2. The maximum distance between the conveyor chains should be 1mm.
3. The maximum clearance of the chain (90° to the direction of flow) should be +/- 0,5mm.
4. The surface of the chains must be polished. Chain Type: Rexnord SSX812K325 plus.
5. The conveyor chain for the reject table should be properly lubricated.
6. The railings for the Infeed and Outfeed of the Inspection Machine, aswell as for the reject table, must be horizontally adjustable.
7. The distance between the Filler and the Reject Table for the Empty Bottle Inspection Machine „miho David“ should be 2 metres for every 10.000 Bottles an hour that are produced. (Example: For a production output of 20.000 Bottles an hour, you must have a conveyor length of approximately 4 metres).

Speed Grades, using an example with the number of teeth of the drive wheel:

V1 - 25 Teeth
V2 - 23 Teeth
V3 - 21 Teeth
V4 - 21 Teeth
V5 = V4

Conveyor Control:

1. The bottles should be transported pressure-free and have a division of approximately 25mm between each other while running through the Inspection.
2. Any adjustments to the line speed must be carried out with a low rate of change in order to ensure that the bottles never alter their position on the conveyor (flat ramps in Speed-Time Diagram).
3. There should be no bottle jams in the area of the reject table (the bottles will otherwise be pushed into the reject channel). In case of a Line Stop the bottles must not queue back into the reject area. The maximum machine speed of 72.000 btl/h must not be exceeded.

The guide railings must be sufficiently wide and positioned slightly over the conveyor chain to ensure that Bottles that have fallen over do not get stuck on the reject table or on the conveyor and are safely removed from the bottleflow.

Signal Exchange between Conveyor Control and the Empty Bottle Inspection Machine „miho David“

1. Emergency Stop
2. System Stop with ramps
3. System Quick Stop without ramps
All three signals will be offered as relay contacts - closing or make contact blocks.