Conveyor control system
miho Pascal 2

miho Pascal 2 is an intelligent conveyor control system for modern bottling plants of any size. Its two outstanding features are:

1. miho Pascal 2 fulfills all conveyor control tasks that are required in filling lines. Its performance is in many respects well above any standard performance. For example, gaps can be closed with a precision that is unmatched. miho Pascal 2 thus ensures for a par ticularly smooth, quiet and gentle bottle transpor tation.

2. miho Pascal 2 is a highly efficient system since between two aggregates (for example, the washing machine and the filler) only one control module is required, regardless of how many inspection and rejection systems are installed between the two production machines.

By using the intelligent conveyor control system, the miho Pascal 2, the efficiency of plants can be considerably increased. When planning a system, we implement our 30 years of experience in the realization and optimization of container conveyor systems.

  • Clear conveyor function of the inspection machine
  • Detection of lag of bottles in the buffer area as well as at the infeed of the lead machine
  • Posibilty to control a return conveyor after the Empty Bottel Inspection Machine , for example back to the Washing machine
  • Optional: Lying bottle detection via additional Light barriers and rejection via reject system

Up to 16 motor groups are available for the Pascal 2. And up to 32 programmable bottle types can be product-specifically parameterized.

Connection to an external production data acquisition system is a possible option. Remote diagnostics are also possible in conjunction with an external computer with Internet access.

The Pascal 2 has 10 sensor inputs available for detecting any deviating bottle divisions and 8 sensor inputs for the control of buffer conveyors.

The control module is located in a remote-control cabinet for operation at the conveyor belt and forms part of the scope of delivery.

Key benefits for users, service engineers and sales representatives:

  • Smoother conveyance, less noise emission
  • Bottle preserving conveyance, less scuffing
  • Not bound to expensive and custom PLC solutions
  • No locked system: standalone device, not buried in the EBI, makes change of inspection device more convenient and easy
  • Complete controlled section up to 16 motor groups; i.e. from bottle washer, to packer
  • Easy and fast EtherCat signal wiring; no more discrete wiring necessary
  • Step by step teach-in setup of bottle types with oscilloscope function
  • No external programming unit or software necessary

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