Label control miho EC 2

Label Inspection Unit miho EC 2 to detect the presence of labels directly in the labelling machine, on the aligned bottle. Touch user interface in stainless steel housing, for the evaluation of up to 12 reflected light sensors (accessories).

Comprehensive statistics for individual types of faults are available. A series fault detection is implemented. Connection to an external production data acquisition system is possible.

Accessories & modifications

Reflected light sensor to detect the presence of labels on an aligned position of the bottle. Accessories for the Label Inspection Unit miho EC 2. Set includes mounting material for installation in a labelling machine. For wet-glue labels, self-adhesive labels, sleeves and foils.
Software package for the production data acquisition software miho AWeS. All production data, counters and test bottle protocol are logged according to the Weihenstephan standard. For all miho systems based on the miho VIDIOS® or miho MASTER® platform.

Software package for the remote visualization of the operating condition, the parameter and the camera images on an authorized computer. Monitoring of e.g. counters and malfunctions. Monitoring and remote control of the inspection machine by a miho service engineer, re-entry and optimization of the inspection parameters, exact and fast analysis of errors.

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