Fill Level and Cap Control
miho Newton Optics 3

To measure the fill level for any underfilling and overfilling and to inspect the cap of bottles using the optical method.
State-of-the-art camera and lighting technology that uses multi-optical axes (offset by 90°/ 270° coverage) and variable lighting.

Up to six images per bottle can be created and evaluated according to many different criteria by the image processing system miho VIDIOS®.

The inspection head can be adjusted by using the handwheel height adjustment. The point of installation is normally at the outfeed of the filler.

  • Fill level inspection: inspects the fill level for any underfilling and overfilling in transparent, cloudy/non-transparent and foaming liquids, provided that the fill level is not obscured by a label. Lighting through the reflected and/or transmitted light method.
  • Cap: inspection of the cap for exact fit (slanted position/ depth that it is screwed on) and bullnoses. Inspection for damage to the safety ring in metal and plastic screw caps.
  • Expiry date (on the side of the cap): checks for the presence of an expiry date on the side of the cap. Here, the expiry date must be on the side facing the camera Detection of nitrogen fog: directly after filler and capper
  • A series fault detection is implemented.

Not suitable for opaque containers and for bottles with labels in the fill level area.

Accessories & modifications

Additional camera module to achieve a complete inspection (>360°) of the the closure. Bull nose defects, broken safety rings or the laterally printed date code presence can be inspected. Extension for the miho Newton Optics 3 optical Fill Level and Cap inspection system.
For the inspection of the cap color and / or the detection of a logo / print at the top of the cap. Also possible is the detection of the presence of a date code on top of the cap. Extension for the miho Newton Optics 3 optical Fill Level and Cap inspection system.
Additional lighting module to check characteristics like best before end date, lot number on the shoulder of PET bottles. Detects the presence of the print regardless of the fill level of the product.
Label Inspection Unit miho EC 2 to detect the presence of labels directly in the labelling machine, on the aligned bottle..
Filler Monitor miho FM 2, stainless steel electronic cabinet, to locate incorrect filling due to defect filling valves.
To blow-off and if necessary rinse adhering foam remains on the bottle neck and to blow the cap and neck region of the bottle before the cap inspection. The exact configuration of the system is done depending on the project, based on the container material (Glass/PET) and the filled product
Additional sensor for bottles which have drawn in water after the re-cooler with a light barrier. Incl. height adjustment to adjust it to different bottle heights.
Software package for the production data acquisition software miho AWeS. All production data, counters and test bottle protocol are logged according to the Weihenstephan standard. For all miho systems based on the miho VIDIOS® or miho MASTER® platform.

Software package for the remote visualization of the operating condition, the parameter and the camera images on an authorized computer. Monitoring of e.g. counters and malfunctions. Monitoring and remote control of the inspection machine by a miho service engineer, re-entry and optimization of the inspection parameters, exact and fast analysis of errors.

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