Dear customers,

by news and newspapers, we all are made aware of the current situation concerning the new Corona Virus Pandemic.

As a globally acting company, miho will do everything in its power to serve you and to contain the virus. Therefore, reasonable actions were taken towards our staff, as well as towards our customers.

Never the less, we are all living in a globalized world and therefore are subject to economic and logistic effects, that in turn could affect mutual business. Our production, as well as our logistics are in normal operation maintaining our hight quality.

Despite our efforts,

  • Smaller delays in the line of delivery may occur, since we depend on global logistics
  • Incomplete deliveries may be possible, if minor parts from suppliers are missing
  • Delays of installation and setup of miho equipment may occur (due to travel restrictions or restrictions entering the plant)
  • Delays of service visits may occur (due to travel restrictions or restrictions entering the plant)

Currently, this only occurs exceptionally, but could intensify in the future. Miho will do everything to maintain a fast, competent and reliable service. In times like this, we all have to be considerate and appreciate each other, even if not everything is is running as planned.

If delays occur, we will inform you and search for a solution together with you. Please excuse any inconvenience caused. We wish all of you and your colleagues the power and health to withstand this situation.

You can reach us as usual. If problems occur on your side of you want to share information with us, please do not hesitate to call or email us. Service Hotline

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