The new brochure „Empty Bottle Inspector miho David 2“ is here!

Due to the ongoing development of our empty botttle inspector miho David 2, we have now also updated the corresponding brochure. Click here to download. Highlights of the new brochure are:

Base inspection for base imprints and/or non-circular bottles, pages 10-11
Embossed or non-circular containers can now be inspected using our advanced miho VIDIOS® analysis software without having to mask out zones. Embossing forms are not evaluated as errors, but contamination even in the embossing area will be. Various base forms can be parameterized flexibly. This innovation is particularly interesting for the base inspection in individual non-returnable containers.

Integrated clapper inspection in the empty bottle inspector, pages 20-23
In addition to the dual side wall inspection (DSW) and the finish side inspection (FSI), both of which amongst other things detect brackets that are already missing or missing clappers for swing top bottles, we have upgraded the empty bottle inspector with a useful additional module: the clapper inspection. This additional module, serving as a modification of the dual sidewall inspection, is used for the non-contact inspection of the rubber seal and the clapper. It checks the presence, colour and fading of the rubber seal as well as the colour and presence of the clapper. Depending on the orientation of the clapper (the rubber seal must point outwards), even contamination or missing material of the rubber seal can be detected.

Integrated inspection of PET returnable bottles, pages 24-27
On the new topic pages “Integrated Inspection of PET Returnable Bottles” we deal with the typical mistakes of PET returnable bottles: scuffing, stress cracks, damaged or dirty vent slots and segment threads, as well as faulty support rings and deformed bottle bases. In addition to using pictures to illustrate the errors, we go to the double page “Sample filling line PET reusable” referring to cases in practice. We show our extensive expertise in the inspection of PET returnable bottles by starting with the miho Bottle Dryer as a high-performance thread blower, the miho Multicon 3 as an infeed protection for the inspection of foreign bottles and scuff sorting via the Empty Bottle Inspector miho David 2 and go right up to the linear segment reject system miho Leonardo M and the reject table optimized for PET bottles.

Industrie 4.0: Netzwerkintegration & Industry 4.0: Network integration & production data acquisition, pages 31-33
Industry 4.0 is a hotly discussed topic. What miho understands here and how we create a basis for network integration and production data acquisition with our miho AWeS operating data acquisition system is explained on the Industry 4.0 topic pages.