Système de régulation des convoyeurs
miho Pascal 2

miho Pascal 2 is an intelligent conveyor control system for modern bottling plants of any size. Its two outstanding features are:

1. miho Pascal 2 fulfills all conveyor control tasks that are required in filling lines. Its performance is in many respects well above any standard performance. For example, gaps can be closed with a precision that is unmatched. miho Pascal 2 thus ensures for a par ticularly smooth, quiet and gentle bottle transpor tation.

2. miho Pascal 2 is a highly efficient system since between two aggregates (for example, the washing machine and the filler) only one control module is required, regardless of how many inspection and rejection systems are installed between the two production machines.

By using the intelligent conveyor control system, the miho Pascal 2, the efficiency of plants can be considerably increased. When planning a system, we implement our 30 years of experience in the realization and optimization of container conveyor systems.

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